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Wang, M. Yan., Zhu, W., Ma, L., Ma, J. Juan., Zhang, D. En., Tong, Z. Wei. & Chen, J. (2016). Enhanced simultaneous detection of ractopamine and salbutamol - Via electrochemical-facial deposition of MnO2 nanoflowers onto 3D RGO/Ni foam templates. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 78 259-266.


In this paper, we report a facile method to successfully fabricate MnO2 nanoflowers loaded onto 3D RGO@nickel foam, showing enhanced biosensing activity due to the improved structural integration of different electrode materials components. When the as-prepared 3D hybrid electrodes were investigated as a binder-free biosensor, two well-defined and separate differential pulse voltammetric peaks for ractopamine (RAC) and salbutamol (SAL) were observed, indicating the simultaneous selective detection of both β-agonists possible. The MnO2/RGO@NF sensor also demonstrated a linear relationship over a wide concentration range of 17nM to 962nM (R=0.9997) for RAC and 42nM to 1463nM (R=0.9996) for SAL, with the detection limits of 11.6nM for RAC and 23.0nM for SAL. In addition, the developed MnO2/RGO@NF sensor was further investigated to detect RAC and SAL in pork samples, showing satisfied comparable results in comparison with analytic results from HPLC.



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