YBCO films doping with szo particles grown by chemical solution deposition



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Liu, M, Shi, D, Li, Q, Wang, L, Ye, S, Suo, H & Dou, SX (2009), YBCO films doping with szo particles grown by chemical solution deposition, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 23(17), pp. 3532-3537.


YBa2Cu3O7−δ (YBCO) films with SrZrO3 (SZO) doping have been prepared successfully by a nonvacuum, low cost, and easily scalable metal–organic deposition method, and their microstructures and physical properties were investigated. From the analysis of x-ray diffraction and φ-scan results, the doped films had sharp biaxial textures. Although the doped YBCO film had a wider critical temperature transition width than that of the un-doped YBCO film, the critical current density, Jc, was significantly enhanced under applied fields as compared to the un-doped film. Furthermore, the ratio of Jc, doped to Jc, un-doped became gradually larger with increasing temperature and magnetic field, indicating that an effective pinning force was created by SZO doping. These results clearly demonstrate that there are appealing prospects for applications of the doped film in high magnetic fields and temperatures.

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