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Sun, J. D., Qin, H., Lewis, R. A., Yang, X. X., Sun, Y. F., Zhang, Z. P., Li, X. X., Zhang, X. Y., Cai, Y., Wu, D. M., Zhang, B. S. et al (2015). The effect of symmetry on resonant and nonresonant photoresponses in a field-effect terahertz detector. Applied Physics Letters, 106 (3), 031119-1-031119-5.


The effect of the symmetries in the terahertz (THz) field distribution and the field-effect channel on THz photoresponse is examined. Resonant excitation of cavity plasmon modes and nonresonant self-mixing of THz waves are demonstrated in a GaN/AlGaN two-dimensional electron gas with symmetrically designed nanogates, antennas, and filters. We found that the self-mixing signal can be effectively suppressed by the symmetric design and the resonant response benefits from the residual asymmetry. The findings suggest that a single detector may provide both high sensitivity from the self-mixing mechanism and spectral resolution from the resonant response by optimizing the degree of geometrical and/or electronic symmetries.



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