Honeycomb silicon: a review of silicene



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Zhuang, J., Xu, X., Feng, H., Li, Z., Wang, X. & Du, Y. (2015). Honeycomb silicon: a review of silicene. Science Bulletin, 60 (18), 1551-1562.


Silicene, a new allotrope of silicon in a two-dimensional honeycomb structure, has attracted intensive research interest due to its novel physical and chemical properties. Unlike carbon atoms in graphene, silicon atoms prefer to adopt sp2/sp3-hybridized state in silicene, enhancing chemical activity on the surface and allowing tunable electronic states by chemical functionalization. The silicene monolayers epitaxially grown on Ag(111) surfaces demonstrate various reconstructions with different electronic structures. In this article, the structure, phonon modes, electronic properties, and chemical properties of silicene are reviewed based on theoretical and experimental works in recent years.

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ARC/DP140102581, ARC/LE100100081, ARC/LE110100099

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