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Peleckis, G, Wang, X & Dou, SX (2006), Magnetic and transport properties of transition metal doped polycrystalline In2O3, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 42(10), pp. 2703-2705.


Synthesis and characterization of transition metal (TM)-doped In 2O3 oxide is reported. Most of the samples were found to be paramagnetic, and only Ye and Cr co-doped sample showed as light trace of ferromagnetism at 300 K with saturation magnetization M s = 0.35 emug/g. Measured transport properties revealed significant differences in transport among the samples. The absolute value of electrical resistivity for the In1.8Fe0.1Mn0.1O3 sample at 300 K was rho= 9.4 x 103 Omega middot cm, while In1.8Fe0.1Cr0.1O3 had rho = 62 Omega middot cm at the same temperature. Furthermore, magnetoresistance (MR) studies of In1.8Fe0.1Cr0.1O3 showed that the sign of MR changes from negative (200 K), with MR(200 K) = -0.2%, to positive T < 50 K reaching maximum absolute value at 10 K, i.e., MR(10K) = 5.2 %.



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