Transport properties of the H2O@C60-dimer-based junction



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Zhu, C. & Wang, X. (2015). Transport properties of the H2O@C60-dimer-based junction. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 27 (37), 375301-1-375301-8.


Theoretical predictions play an important role in finding potential applications in molecular electronics. Fullerenes have a number of potential applications, and the charge flow from a single C60 molecule to another becomes more versatile and more interesting after doping. Here, we report the conductance of two H2O@C60 molecules in series order and how the number of encapsulated water molecules influences the transport properties of the junction. Encapsulating an H2O molecule into one of the C60 cages increases the conductance of the dimer. Negative differential resistance is found in the dimer systems, and its peak-to-valley current ratio depends on the number of encapsulated H2O molecules. The conductance of the C60 dimer and the H2O@C60 dimer is two orders of magnitude smaller than that of the C60 monomer. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the conductance of the molecular junctions based on the H2O@C60 dimer can be tuned by moving the encapsulated H2O molecules. The conductance is H2O-position dependent. Our findings indicate that H2O@C60 can be used as a building block in C60-based molecular electronic devices and sensors.

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