Spin reorientation transition process in single crystal NdFeO3



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Song, G., Jiang, J., Kang, B., Zhang, J., Cheng, Z., Ma, G. & Cao, S. (2015). Spin reorientation transition process in single crystal NdFeO3. Solid State Communications, 211 47-51.


The spin reorientation transition in single crystal NdFeO3 is studied using AC magnetic susceptibility, hysteresis loops, and polarized terahertz (THz) time domain spectroscopy measurements. Different frequency dependence behaviors of AC susceptibility reflect that the dynamic response of magnetization inside the spin reorientation region differs from the phase outside the transition region. The magnetization hysteresis loops at different temperatures reveal that domains formed during the spin reorientation process, which coincides with the abrupt increase of AC magnetic susceptibility during the transition. In addition, temperature dependent THz wave excitation of quasi-antiferromagnetic mode indicates the process of spin reorientation as a continuous rotation of Fe3+ spins rather than a mixed phase of Γ4 and Γ2.

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