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Awana, VPS, Pal, A, Vajpayee, A, Mudgel, M, Kishan, H, Husain, M, Zeng, R, Yu, S, Guo, YF, Shi, YG, Yamaura, K & Takayama-Muromachi, E (2010), Synthesis and physical properties of FeSe1/2 Te1/2 superconductor, Journal of Applied Physics, 107(9), pp. 09E128-1-09E128-3.


One of the most important properties of very recently reported FeSe based superconductors is the robustness of their superconductivity under applied magnetic field. The synthesis and control of superconductivity in FeSe based compounds is rather a difficult task. Synthesis and physical property characterization for optimized superconductivity of FeSe1/2Te1/2 at 13 K is reported here. The compound crystallized in a tetragonal structure with lattice parameters a=3.8015(2) and c =6.0280(4) Å. Magnetization measurements indicated bulk superconductivity with lower critical field (Hc1) of around 180 Oe. By applying Ginzburg–Landau theory, the Hc2(0) value is estimated to be ~1840 kOe for the 90% of resistive transition. A heat capacity measurement revealed bulk superconductivity by a hump at Tc near 13 K and an expected decrease in the same was observed under an applied magnetic field.

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