Flexible, stretchable and weavable piezoelectric fiber



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Sim, H., Lee, C., Kim, Y. Tae., Spinks, G. M., Lima, M. D., Baughman, R. H. & Kim, S. (2015). Flexible, stretchable and weavable piezoelectric fiber.Advanced Engineering Materials, 17 (9), 1270-1275.


The advent of flexible, wearable electronics has placed new demands on energy storage systems. The demands for high energy density achieved through the use of highly conducting materials with high surface area that enable facile electrochemical processes must now be coupled with the need for robustness and flexibility in each of the components: electrodes and electrolytes. This perspective provides an overview of materials and fabrication protocols used to produce flexible electrodes and electrolytes. We also discuss the key challenges in the development of high performance flexible energy storage devices. Only selected references are used to illustrate the myriad of developments in the field.

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