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Zhao, C., Shu, K., Wang, C., Gambhir, S. & Wallace, G. G. (2015). Reduced graphene oxide and polypyrrole/reduced graphene oxide composite coated stretchable fabric electrodes for supercapacitor application. Electrochimica Acta, 172 12-19.


The advent of self-powered functional garments has given rise to a demand for stretchable energy storage devices that are amendable to integration into textile structures. The electromaterials (anode, cathode and separator) are expected to sustain a deformation of 3% to 55% associated with body movement. Here, we report a stretchable fabric supercapacitor electrode using commonly available nylon lycra fabric as the substrate and graphene oxide (GO) as a dyestuff. It was prepared via a facile dyeing approach followed by a mild chemical reduction. This reduced graphene oxide (rGO) coated fabric electrode retains conductivity at an applied strain of up to 200%. It delivers a specific capacitance of 12.3 F g−1 at a scan rate of 5 mV s−1 in 1.0 M lithium sulfate aqueous solution. The capacitance is significantly increased to 114 F g−1 with the addition of a chemically synthesized polypyrrole (PPy) coating. This PPy-rGO-fabric electrode demonstrates an improved cycling stability and a higher capacitance at 50% strain when compared to the performance observed with no strain.

Grant Number

ARC/FL110100196, ARC/CE140100012