Ionic liquid solvated polymer networks for stretchable electronics



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Whitten, P. G., Nealon, D., Saricilar, S. Zengin. & Wallace, G. G. (2015). Ionic liquid solvated polymer networks for stretchable electronics. Polymer-Plastics Technology And Engineering, 54 (3), 310-314.


Electronic skin and textiles are two current applications of stretchable electronics that require compliant solid electrolytes. Ionic liquid solvated polymer networks that are both tough and elastic to high strains are ideal electrolytes for stretchable electronics. Robust ionogels eshibiting elasticity as large as 480% strain, breaking strength as high as 3.2 MPa and tear energy as high as 2.8 kJ m-2 were produced. These ionogels are within their glass-to-rubber transition at 20 degrees C and are categorized as plasticisized polymer networks. At 20 degrees C and 105 Hz the ionogels are a polymer glass that inhibits ionic conductivity.

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