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Patel, D., Al Hossain, M. Shahriar., See, K. Wai., Xu, X., Barua, S., Ma, Z., Choi, S., Tomsic, M. & Kim, J. (2015). MgB2 superconducting joints for persistent current operation. Superconductor Science and Technology, 28 (6), 065017-1-065017-6.


High-performance superconducting joints are essential for realizing persistent-mode magnets. Herein, we propose a concept and fabrication of such superconducting joints, which yielded reliable performance in the operating temperature range of 4.2-25 K. MgB2-MgB2 joints in magnets are known to result in deterioration of localized electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. To overcome these problems, the ends of the two wires are inserted into a pellet press, which is then filled with a mixture of unreacted magnesium and boron powders, followed by heat treatment. The critical current capacity and joint resistance were precisely evaluated by the standard four-probe method in open-circuit and by field-decay measurements in a closed-loop, respectively. These joints demonstrated up to 66% of the current-carrying capacity of unjoined wire at 20 K, 2 T and joint resistance of 1.4 x 10−12 Ω at 4.2 K in self-field.

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