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Wells, F. S., Pan, A. V., Wang, R., Fedoseev, S. A. & Hilgenkamp, H. (2015). Analysis of low-field isotropic vortex glass containing vortex groups in YBa2Cu3O7−x thin films visualized by scanning SQUID microscopy. Scientific Reports, 5 8677-1-8677-5.


The glass-like vortex distribution in pulsed laser deposited YBa2Cu3O7 − x thin films is observed by scanning superconducting quantum interference device microscopy and analysed for ordering after cooling in magnetic fields significantly smaller than the Earth's field. Autocorrelation calculations on this distribution show a weak short-range positional order, while Delaunay triangulation shows a near-complete lack of orientational order. The distribution of these vortices is finally characterised as an isotropic vortex glass. Abnormally closely spaced groups of vortices, which are statistically unlikely to occur, are observed above a threshold magnetic field. The origin of these groups is discussed, but will require further investigation.

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