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Wang, J. L., Shamba, P., Hutchison, W. D., Gu, Q. F., Md Din, M. F., Ren, Q. Y., Cheng, Z. X., Kennedy, S. J., Campbell, S. J. & Dou, S. X. (2015). Magnetocaloric effect and magnetostructural coupling in Mn0.92Fe0.08CoGe compound. Journal of Applied Physics, 117 (17), 17D103-1-17D103-4.


The structural properties of Mn0.92Fe0.08CoGe have been investigated in detail using synchrotron x-ray diffraction in zero and applied pressure (p = 0-10 GPa). A ferromagnetic transition occurs around TC = 300 K and a large magnetic-entropy change −ΔSM = 17.3 J/kg K detected at TC for a field change of ΔB = 5 T. The field dependence of −ΔS M max can be expressed as −ΔS M max ∝ B. At ambient temperature and pressure, Mn0.92Fe0.08CoGe exhibits a co-existence of the orthorhombic TiNiSi-type structure (space group Pnma) and hexagonal Ni 2In-type structure (space group P63/mmc). Application of external pressure drives a structure change from the orthorhombic TiNiSi-type structure to the hexagonal Ni 2In-type structure. A large anomaly in heat capacity around TC is detected and the Debye temperature θD (=319(±10) K) has been derived from analyses of the low temperature heat capacity, T ≲ 10 K.

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