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Gao, H., Yang, S., Feng, C., Wang, J. & Guo, Z. (2014). Synthesis and electrochemical properties of WO3/C for lithium ion batteries. ECS Transactions, 62 (1), 9-18.


WO3/C nanorods were prepared by a combination of hydrothermal synthesis method and the solid phase reaction method, using (NH4)10H2(W2O7)6, H2C2O4·2H2O and glucose(carbon source) as raw materials. The effects of different proportions of glucose on the morphologies and electrochemical properties of the final products were systematically investigated. The results showed that the WO3/C nanorods prepared with the 10 wt.% glucose as carbon source exhibited the highest reversible specific capacity (807 mAh g-1) at current density of 50 mA g-1 and the best cycle performances among all samples. Besides, it behaved good rate performance. It indicated that WO3/C nanorods could be promising electrode materials for lithium ion battery application.



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