THz photomixer with milled nanoelectrodes on LT-GaAs



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Seniutinas, G., Gervinskas, G., Constable, E., Krotkus, A., Molis, G., Valusis, G., Lewis, R. A. & Juodkazis, S. (2014). THz photomixer with milled nanoelectrodes on LT-GaAs. Applied Physics A: materials science and processing, 117 (2), 439-444.


A terahertz (THz) photomixer: (i) a meander type antenna with integrated nanoelectrodes on (ii) a low temperature grown GaAs has been fabricated and characterized. It was designed for spectral range of 0.3-0.4 THz where molecular fingerprinting and sensing are performed. By combination of electron beam lithography with post-processing using focused ion beam (FIB), milling the THz emitter was successfully fabricated. Nanogaps as small as 40 nm width in the active area of photomixer were milled by FIB. Nanocontacts enhance electric fields of the illuminated and THz radiation and contribute to a better collection of photo-electrons. THz emission was obtained and spectrally characterized.

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