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Luo, W., Chou, S., Wang, J., Zhai, Y. & Liu, H. (2015). A facile approach to synthesize stable CNTs@MnO electrocatalyst for high energy lithium oxygen batteries. Scientific Reports, 5 8012-1-8012-8.


A composite of manganese monoxide loaded onto carbon nanotubes (CNTs@MnO) has been synthesized by a facile approach, in which the CNTs form a continuous conductive network connecting the electrocatalyst MnO nanoparticles together to facilitate good electrochemical performance. The electrocatalyst MnO shows favourable rechargeability, and good phase and morphology stability in lithium oxygen batteries. Excellent cycling performance is also demonstrated, in which the terminal voltage is higher than 2.4 V after 100 cycles at 0.4 mA cm-2, with 1000 mAh g-1 (composite) capacity. Therefore, this hybrid material is promising for use as a cathode material for lithium oxygen batteries.

Grant Number

ARC/CE0561616, ARC/DP140100401