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Pang, W. Kong. & Peterson, V. K. (2015). A custom battery for operando neutron powder diffraction studies of electrode structure. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 48 280-290.


Structure-property relations are central to understanding functional materials, and for battery research the use of neutron powder diffraction to reveal the atomistic and molecular-scale origin of battery performance characteristics is often essential. Although operando experiments of this kind are increasingly common as neutron sources and instrumentation advance, these experiments are hindered by the often large barrier presented by the preparation of whole batteries that yield a neutron diffraction signal from the electrode of interest that is sufficient to extract detailed structural information. This article presents a custom battery that is specifically designed for operando neutron powder diffraction. The battery is a pouch type and contains layers of positive and negative electrodes in a parallel-connecting stack. Importantly, the battery can be easily prepared in most laboratories, is configurable, and can be used with both lithium and sodium charge carriers. This paper provides some example operando neutron powder diffraction studies using this battery.



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