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Qian, C., Sun, W., Wang, L., Chen, C., Liao, K., Wang, W., Jia, J., Hatton, B., Casillas, G., Kurylowicz, M., Yip, C. M., Mastronardi, M. L. & Ozin, G. A. (2014). Non-wettable, oxidation-stable, brightly luminescent, perfluorodecyl-capped silicon nanocrystal film. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136 (45), 15849-15852.


Here we describe for the first time the synthesis of colloidally stable, brightly luminescent perfluorodecyl-capped silicon nanocrystals and compare the properties of solutions and films made from them with those of their perhydrodecyl-capped relatives. The perfluorodecyl capping group compared to the perhydrodecyl capping group yields superior hydrophobicity and much greater resistance to air oxidation, the enhanced electron-withdrawing character induces blue shifts in the wavelength of photoluminescence, and the lower-frequency carbon-fluorine stretching modes disfavor non-radiative relaxation pathways and boost the absolute photoluminescence quantum yield. Together these attributes bode well for advanced materials and biomedical applications founded upon perfluorodecyl-protected silicon nanocrystals.



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