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Borroto, A., Del Rio, L., Arronte, M., Johansen, T. H. & Altshuler, E. (2014). Modeling transport properties of inhomogeneous superconductor-metal composites. Applied Physics Letters, 105 202604-1-202604-5.


We propose a model for a superconductor-metal composite that allows to derive intrinsic transport properties of the superconducting phase based on 2D images of its cross section, and a minimal set of parameters. The method is tested experimentally by using, as model composite, a "transversal bridge" made on a Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x (BSCCO)-Ag multi-filamentary tape. It is shown that the approach allows to predict the measured I−⟨E⟩ curves of the filaments. In addition, one can determine the critical current anisotropy between the longitudinal and transverse directions of the Ag-BSCCO tape, and also of its superconducting filaments separately, which emphasizes the role of the morphology of the composite in the transport properties.



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