Magnetic characterization of Bi2FeMnO6 film grown on (100) SrTiO3 substrate



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Zhao, H, Kimura, H, Cheng, Z, Wang, X, Ozawa, K & Nishida, T (2010), Magnetic characterization of Bi2FeMnO6 film grown on (100) SrTiO3 substrate, Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 4(11), pp. 314-316.


Single phase Bi2FeMnO6 films on (100) SrTiO3 substrate were fabricated using a pulsed laser deposition method through optimization of the preparation conditions. The magnetic moment is 0.30μB at 5 K in the magnetic field of 1 T, indicating that B site cations of Fe and Mn are disordered in the sample. The zero-field-cooling (ZFC) and field-cooling (FC) magnetization curves measured from 2 K to 400 K coincide at 360 K. This is consistent with the observation that hysteresis disappears at 360 K, revealing the antiferromagnetic transition at this temperature. A spin-glass-like behaviour was observed at low temperature (∼100 K) with a cusp of 25 K. Mn shows multiple valence states in the film. It is possibly because Mn2+ and Mn4+ could decrease the Jahn–Teller effect from Mn3+ in the film which results in less lattice distortion.

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