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Sayyar, S., Murray, E., Thompson, B. C., Chung, J., Officer, D. L., Gambhir, S., Spinks, G. M. & Wallace, G. G. (2015). Processable conducting graphene/chitosan hydrogels for tissue engineering. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3 (3), 481-490.


Composites of graphene in a chitosan-lactic acid matrix were prepared to create conductive hydrogels that are processable, exhibit tunable swelling properties and show excellent biocompatibility. The addition of graphene to the polymer matrix also resulted in significant improvements to the mechanical strength of the hydrogels, with the addition of just 3 wt% graphene resulting in tensile strengths increasing by over 200%. The composites could be easily processed into three-dimensional scaffolds with finely controlled dimensions using additive fabrication techniques and fibroblast cells demonstrate good adhesion and growth on their surfaces. These chitosan-graphene composites show great promise for use as conducting substrates for the growth of electro-responsive cells in tissue engineering.

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ARC/FS100100023, ARC/FL110100196