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Antiohos, D., Romano, M. S., Razal, J. M., Beirne, S., Aitchison, P., Minett, A. I., Wallace, G. G. & Chen, J. (2014). Performance enhancement of single-walled nanotube-microwave exfoliated graphene oxide composite electrodes using a stacked electrode configuration. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2 (36), 14835-14843.


We report the development of a stacked electrode supercapacitor cell using stainless steel meshes as the current collectors and optimised single walled nanotubes (SWNT)-microwave exfoliated graphene oxide (mw rGO) composites as the electrode material. The introduction of mw rGO into a SWNT matrix creates an intertwined porous structure that enhances the electroactive surface area and capacitive performance due to the 3-D hierarchical structure that is formed. The composite structure was optimised by varying the weight ratio of the SWNTs and mw rGO. The best performing ratio was the 90% SWNT-10% mw rGO electrode which achieved a specific capacitance of 306 F g-1 (3 electrode measurement calculated at 20 mV s-1). The 90% SWNT-10% mw rGO was then fabricated into a stacked electrode configuration (SEC) which significantly enhanced the electrode performance per volume (1.43 mW h cm-3, & 6.25 W cm-3). Device testing showed excellent switching capability up to 10 A g-1, and very good stability over 10000 cycles at 1.0 A g-1 with 93% capacity retention.



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