Ferromagnetism in Mn-doped In2O3 oxide



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Peleckis, G, Wang, X & Dou, SX (2006), Ferromagnetism in Mn-doped In2O3 oxide, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 301(2), pp. 308-311.


Characterization of a ferromagnetic In1.9Mn0.1O3−δ oxide prepared by a conventional solid-state synthesis route is reported. Lattice parameter a (

) obtained from Rietveld refinement shows distinct shrinkage of the lattice constant indicating an actual incorporation of Mn ions into the In2O3 lattice. The Tc for Mn-doped In2O3 oxide is 46 K. The effective magnetic moment (μeff) is 2.87 μB corresponding to that of either tetrahedrally or octahedrally coordinated Mn3+ in an intermediate spin state (μeff=2.83 μB). SEM EDS mapping showed homogeneous distribution of all ions in the sample, and the chemical composition calculated from EDS spot analysis matches nominal values.

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