Biobanks for pluripotent stem cells



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Luong, M. X., Smith, K. P., Crook, J. M. & Stacey, G. (2012). Biobanks for pluripotent stem cells. In J. F. Loring & S. E. Peterson (Eds.), Human Stem Cell Manual: A Laboratory Guide (pp. 105-125). United Kingdom: Elsevier Inc.


To date, over 700 hESC lines have been used in over 1450 published studies (International Stem Cell Registry (ISCR)), signifying remarkable progress in a rapidly growing field. However, the findings in a number of these reports have been controversial, with some difficult to reproduce. This situation may have resulted from many factors, including varying competencies for cell line handling, differing culture conditions and usage of cells that have undergone deleterious changes. This chapter provides an overview of the fundamental principles of hPSC banking. A detailed section on current practices by stem cell providers and a discussion about the future of banking are also presented.

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