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Guo, Y., Zhu, J. Guo., Lin, Z. Wei., Lu, H., Wang, X. & Chen, J. (2008). Influence of inductance variation on performance of a permanent magnet claw pole soft magnetic composite motor. In 2007 52nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 5-9 November, Tampa, Florida. Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (7), 07F118-1-07F118-3.


Winding inductance is an important parameter in determining the performance of electrical machines, particularly those with large inductance variation. This paper investigates the influence of winding inductance variation on the performance of a three-phase three-stack claw pole permanent magnet motor with soft magnetic composite (SMC) stator by using an improved phase variable model. The winding inductances of the machine are computed by using a modified incremental energy method, based on three-dimensional nonlinear time-stepping magnetic field finite element analyses. The inductance computation and performance simulation are verified by the experimental results of an SMC claw pole motor prototype.



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