Time-of-flight polarized neutron reflectometry on PLATYPUS: status and future developments



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Saerbeck, T., Cortie, D. L., Bruck, S., Bertinshaw, J., Holt, S. A., Nelson, A., James, M., Lee, W. T. & Klose, F. (2013). Time-of-flight polarized neutron reflectometry on PLATYPUS: status and future developments. Physics Procedia, 42 213-217.


Time-of-flight (ToF) polarized neutron reflectometry enables the detailed investigation of depth-resolved magnetic structures in thin film and multilayer magnetic systems. The general advantage of the time-of-flight mode of operation over monochromatic instruments is a decoupling of spectral shape and polarization of the neutron beam with variable resolution. Thus, a wide Q-range can be investigated using a single angle of incidence, with resolution and flux well-adjusted to the experimental requirement. Our paper reviews the current status of the polarization equipment of the ToF reflectometer PLATYPUS and presents first results obtained on stratified Ni80Fe20/α-Fe2O3 films, revealing the distribution of magnetic moments in an exchange bias system. An outlook on the future development of the PLATYPUS polarization system towards the implementation of a polarized 3He cell is presented and discussed with respect to the efficiency and high Q-coverage up to 1 Å−1 and 0.15 Å−1 in the vertical and lateral momentum transfer, respectively.

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