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Maeda, M, Kim, J, Zhao, Y, Heo, Y, Takase, K, Kubota, Y, Moriyoshi, C, Yoshida, F, Kuroiwa, Y & Dou, SX, (2011), In-field Jc improvement by oxygen-free pyrene gas diffusion into highly dense MgB2 superconductor, Journal of Applied Physics, 109(2), pp. 1-4.


Oxygen-free pyrene gas as a carbon (C) dopant was delinked and incorporated into highly dense MgB2 structure via a gas phase diffusion method. The technique offers the advantages that molecular C is homogeneously distributed into MgB2 and substituted at the boron sites without any severe deterioration of grain connectivity. The C substitution causes a significant shrinkage of the a-lattice parameter and an increase in the lattice strain, resulting in high disorder. The introduction of structural disorder as a result of C doping leads to a considerable enhancement of the in-field critical current density (Jc) and upper critical field.

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