India's sacred cow is embedded in an economic, religious religious and political morass. Her plight is a tragic consequence of many forces, from overpopulation to to modernization, the outcome of which depends upon upon the path that India chooses to take as it becomes a player in the global marketplace. The spirituality of compassion is a boundless ethic that is the cornerstone of a truly equalitarian society that gives all of its members, human and nonhuman, equal and fair consideration. This is the challenge and the solution for all countries whose economic wealth is in part determined by the humane and sustainable utilization of animal and plant life, and for India in particular. All Indians, regardless of caste and creed, have a long history that links them with a sense of gratitude and reverence for cows. And it is this linkage that can move all to transcend their differences and become unified in their respect and commitment to enhance the health, welfare and protection of all cows and their offspring.



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