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He's the one


Nicky is standing over there by the edge of the field looking at something. He's the one that killed Caspar. He and his friend Rocco. We can't prove it though, since no one actually saw them, and we never found Caspar's body. He doesn’t notice me right away, then he does, and I watch the way his body suddenly goes on alert. He stares at me for a moment, and even though he's still fifty feet away, I can see his eyes. He starts coming toward me, and I stop where I am on the gravel road to see what he will do. As he gets closer, he slows his pace and starts crouching down, his eyes still fixed on me. It's as if he's in slow motion, one leg slowly going out in front of the other. By the time he reaches me his stomach is practically scraping the ground, and his ears are pulled back. It's what they do if they think you're more powerful than they are and they don't want a fight.



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