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S. Fraser, J. Grant, T. Mackean, K. Hunter, A. J.A. Holland, K. Clapham, W. J. Teague & R. Q. Ivers, "Burn injury models of care: A review of quality and cultural safety for care of Indigenous children", Burns 44 3 (2018) 665-677.


Safety and quality in the systematic management of burn care is important to ensure optimal outcomes. It is not clear if or how burn injury models of care uphold these qualities, or if they provide a space for culturally safe healthcare for Indigenous peoples, especially for children. This review is a critique of publically available models of care analysing their ability to facilitate safe, high-quality burn care for Indigenous children. Models of care were identified and mapped against cultural safety principles in healthcare, and against the National Health and Medical Research Council standard for clinical practice guidelines. An initial search and appraisal of tools was conducted to assess suitability of the tools in providing a mechanism to address quality and cultural safety. From the 53 documents found, 6 were eligible for review. Aspects of cultural safety were addressed in the models, but not explicitly, and were recorded very differently across all models. There was also limited or no cultural consultation documented in the models of care reviewed. Quality in the documents against National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines was evident; however, description or application of quality measures was inconsistent and incomplete. Gaps concerning safety and quality in the documented care pathways for Indigenous peoples' who sustain a burn injury and require burn care highlight the need for investigation and reform of current practices.

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