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K. Hunter, L. Keay, K. Clapham, J. Brown, L. E. Bilston, M. Lyford, C. Gilbert & R. Q. Ivers, ""He's the number one thing in my world": Application of the precede-proceed model to explore child car seat use in a regional community in new South Wales", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14 10 (2017) 1206-1-1206-12.


We explored the factors influencing the use of age-appropriate car seats in a community with a high proportion of Aboriginal families in regional New South Wales. We conducted a survey and three focus groups with parents of children aged 3-5 years enrolled at three early learning centres on the Australian south-east coast. Survey data were triangulated with qualitative data from focus groups and analysed using the PRECEDE-PROCEED conceptual framework. Of the 133 eligible families, 97 (73%) parents completed the survey including 31% of parents who reported their children were Aboriginal. Use of age-appropriate car seats was reported by 80 (83%) of the participants, and awareness of the child car seat legislation was high (91/97, 94%). Children aged 2-3 years were less likely reported to be restrained in an age-appropriate car seat than were older children aged 4-5 years (60% versus 95%: χ 2 = 19.14, p < 0.001). Focus group participants highlighted how important their child's safety was to them, spoke of the influence grandparents had on their use of child car seats and voiced mixed views on the value of authorised child car seat fitters. Future programs should include access to affordable car seats and target community members as well as parents with clear, consistent messages highlighting the safety benefits of using age-appropriate car seats.



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