Indigenous Australians and Ageing: Responding to Diversity in Policy and Practice



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K. Clapham & C. Duncan, "Indigenous Australians and Ageing: Responding to Diversity in Policy and Practice", in Ageing in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities (eds C. J. Browning, H. Kendig & K. O'Loughlin), (Springer, New York, 2017) 103-126.


Recent public discussion around the ageing of the Australian population has paid little attention to the Indigenous population. Governments have started to recognise the importance of taking into account the distinct social and cultural attributes of the Indigenous population in programme planning and policy aimed at older people, but there are still many challenges for services provision. The scant research on this topic means that there is a limited evidence base on which to inform policies and programmes. Drawing on published research literature as well as the grey literature, this chapter provides a review of current literature on ageing and aged care in the Indigenous Australian population in order to identify some of the challenges and opportunities for addressing health and other needs as they age.

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