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P. Cullen, K. F. Clapham, J. Byrne, K. Hunter, K. Rogers, T. Senserrick & R. Q. Ivers, "Implementation of a driver licensing support program in three Aboriginal communities: A brief report from a pilot program", Health Promotion Journal of Australia 27 2 (2016) 167-169.


Issue addressed: Aboriginal people face significant barriers to accessing the driver licensing system in New South Wales (NSW). Low rates of licence participation contribute to transport disadvantage and impede access to employment, education and essential health services. The Driving Change program has been piloted in three communities to increase licensing rates for young Aboriginal people. This brief report reviews implementation to determine whether Driving Change is being delivered as intended to the target population.

Methods: Descriptive analysis of routinely collected program data collected between April 2013 and October 2014 to monitor client demographics (n=194) and program specific outcomes.

Results: The target population is being reached with the majority of clients aged 16-24 years (76%) and unemployed (53%). Licensing outcomes are being achieved at all pilot sites (Learner licence: 19%; Provisional or unrestricted licence: 16%). There is variation in program delivery across the three pilot sites demonstrating the intended flexibility of the program.

Conclusions: Driving Change is delivering all aspects of the program as intended at the three pilot sites. The program is reaching the target population and providing a sufficiently flexible program that responds to community and client identified need.

So what?: Reviewing implementation of community pilot programs is critical to ensure that the intervention is being delivered as intended to the target population. This brief report indicates that Driving Change is assisting young Aboriginal people to access licensing services in NSW. This review of program implementation will assist the subsequent expansion of the program to a further nine communities in NSW.



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