Younger onset dementia: an overview of service and research issues



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J. E. Sansoni, C. Duncan, P. Grootemaat, A. Westera, J. Capell & P. Samsa, "Younger onset dementia: an overview of service and research issues", Quality of Life Research 23 1 Supplement - October 2014 (2014) 92-92.

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Quality of Life Research


AIMS: Younger onset dementia (YOD) is any form of dementia that occurs in those\65 years and includes people with early onset Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, fronto-temporal dementia and dementia associated with other conditions such as Huntington's disease, Down syndrome, HIV/AIDs dementia, alcohol related dementia and other rare neurological conditions. The focus of the literature review was to examine the service needs of people with YOD and to provide a guide to service design and development.

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