Community aged care assessment: results from a national field trial



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J. E. Sansoni, P. Samsa, C. Duncan, K. Eagar & B. Shadbolt, "Community aged care assessment: results from a national field trial", Quality of Life Research 23 1 Supplement - October 2014 (2014) 21-21.

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Quality of Life Research


AIMS: An aged care assessment suite to enable elderly people to access community aged care services was redesigned for national application and field tested across Australia (N = 1,011). A 3-tiered model for assessment related to the need for services underpinned the assessment battery: * Level 1-for those requiring basic services such as domestic assistance or transport etc.; * Level 2-for those requiring more substantial use of services including elements of personal care; * Level 3-for those requiring a comprehensive clinical assessment to obtain higher levels of care. The field trial was concerned with the first two levels of assessment and referral to a Level 3 agency.

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