Methodological considerations when using proxy measures in dementia



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N. Marosszeky & J. Sansoni, "Methodological considerations when using proxy measures in dementia", Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2009 (ICAD), 11-16 Jul 2009, Vienna, Austria. Alzheimer's and Dementia 5 4 (Supp 1) (2009) P240-P240.


Background: In recent years an alternative measurement approach has developed which uses proxy or surrogate reports by carers or clinical informants as a means of assessing people with dementia. In recommending a tool-kit of measures for dementia conditions, the Australian Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite (DOMS) project investigated this methodology as it represents an important piece of complementary evidence when assessing dementia conditions. This paper reports on work funded by the Australian Government which aimed to investigate best practice assessment methods in the use of proxy / informant / surrogate reports for people with dementia.

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