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Martiniuk, A., Ivers, R., Senserrick, T., Boufous, S. & Clapham, K. F. (2010). Effective and inclusive intervention research with Aboriginal populations. Sydney: NSW Health. https://www.saxinstitute.org.au/wp-content/uploads/15_Martiniuk-et-al..-FINAL-FOR-PUBLICATION.pdf

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This report describes categories of intervention research impacting on Aboriginal populations as well as the potential levels of influence for interventions. Preventive intervention research can take several forms of delivery such as legislative, education or systemic such as intervention research about technology or information systems. Interventions found for this review fell into several categories including policy interventions (at state or regional levels), community-based interventions, individual interventions directed toward a particular condition or risk factor (eg tobacco) and interventions directed toward a service (eg primary care or justice).