Benchmarking targets and adjunct data for rehabilitation outcomes in the treatment of brain injury



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M. Berger, J. Law, F. Simmonds, T. Stevermuer & J. Tazelaar-Molinia "Benchmarking targets and adjunct data for rehabilitation outcomes in the treatment of brain injury", 33rd Annual Brain Impairment Conference, Surfers Paradise, 6-8 May 2010, (2010)

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Brain Impairment Conference


Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) provides a national benchmarking system whose aim is to improve clinical outcomes of rehabilitation.Brain injury (BI) rehabilitation enables those who have experi- enced a brain injury to maximise their abilities and achieve optimal function- ing. BI rehabilitation comprised 3.5% of rehabilitation episodes submitted to AROC in 2008. A benchmarking workshop facilitated by AROC on September 12, 2008 provided an open forum for discussion of functional out- comes pertinent to brain injury rehabilitation. A set of draft targets was dis- cussed at the workshop, and after industry consultation the targets were finalised. One of the key points raised at the workshop was the desire to col- lect additional BI specific outcome items that could be used to inform current clinical practice. A BI adjunct dataset was developed post workshop and both targets and adjunct module were published in July 2009. The BI targets include goals for time since onset, Length of Stay (LOS), FIM change, and discharge destination. The targets and the achievement of providers at a national and sector level between July 2009 and July 2010 will be presented. The adjunct dataset includes PTA score and comment, an opportunity to cap- ture chronic amnesia information, as well as reasons for delay in discharge (date ready for discharge, delays and date episode ended). At present one third of the designated BI units in Australia are collecting this data with others planning to commence collection shortly. Preliminary analysis of this data in association with the core AROC dataset will be presented. It is hoped that the adjunct data will contribute to improving the specificity of the BI target outcomes as well as the understanding of BI outcomes in Australia.

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