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S. A. Banna, M. E. Al Mutairi & H. M. Hasan, "Businesses sustainable strategies in practice: the case of emerging market-Kuwait", Journal of Economics, Business and Management 3 6 (2015) 583-590.


The burgeoning environmental sustainability stance is an escalating challenge faced by planners, leaders and decisions makers around the globe. The importance of this study provides invaluable information and insights for stakeholders in Kuwait as an example of developing countries. The key objective of this research is to explore the current environmental business sustainability and managerial practices and behavior in Kuwait. This study investigates the extent that managers in Kuwait are continuously involving in developing a vision into practices in terms of sustainability and competitive edge dimensions. This study applies Q methodology to offer a complementary and alternative approach for evaluating the views on corporate environmental issues. The Q study began with the concourse stage where participants were instructed to freely express their thoughts towards environmental issues when making strategic decisions. Following a refinement and clarification of the collected statements, a total of 40 statements were used for the Q sort that was conducted early in 2011. There were 35 participants who successfully sorted 40 statements. The results revealed a three-factor solution and were labeled as 'Sustainable', 'Conservative' and 'Practical' managers.



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