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J. Sansoni "Clinical validation of the revised incontinence tools", 18th National Conference on Incontinence (Continence Foundation of Australia). Adelaide, 4-7 Nov, (2009)

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Continence Foundation of Australia


Introduction: This presentation reports on recent activities to further validate the Revised Urinary Incontinence Scale (RUIS) and the Revised Faecal Incontinence Scale (RFIS) in a range of clinical settings for the treatment of incontinence. These revised tools for the assessment of incontinence were initially developed from an examination of data drawn from a community sample 1-2. Although activities to date have shown that the revised incontinence tools are useful for evaluation and epidemiological research 1,3, the generalisability of these tools is circumscribed by the population samples in which they were developed. Thus, it is essential this work is further replicated in clinical samples, prior to these instruments being widely promoted, adopted and used.