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C. Thompson, K. Williams, K. Quinsey, D. Morris, M. Snoek, L. Lago & R. Gordon, Health Workforce Australia Expanded Scopes of Practice program: evaluation progress report 3 (Australian Health Services Research Institute, Wollongong, Australia, 2013).

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Australian Health Services Research Institute


The Centre for Health Service Development (CHSD), University of Wollongong, was appointed in June 2012 to undertake the program evaluation of the Health Workforce Australia - Expanded Scopes of Practice (HWA-ESOP) program. Health Workforce Australia (HWA) currently funds 26 project teams across Australia. The Expanded Scopes of Practice program involves undertaking a number of targeted innovative health workforce reform initiatives with a specific focus on role redesign and expanding the scope of existing health workers in acute and primary care settings.

The focus of this third evaluation progress report is the evaluation methods and strategies employed to embed and sustain the expanded scope of practice initiatives. It is the third report in a series of formative evaluation progress reports that aim to provide description and analysis of key project phases. (The first evaluation progress report focused on the set-up and project establishment phase and the second evaluation progress report detailed the training and implementation phase).