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A. B. Westera & C. J. Thompson, Evaluation of the Alzheimer's Australia National Dementia Care Initiative: fourth progress report (Centre for Health Service Development, Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong, 2012).


This fourth progress report charts the developments in Alzheimer's Australia National Quality Dementia Care Initiative (NQDCI) since the submission of the previous progress report and the 'Report of the Interim Evaluation of the Consumer Dementia Research Network'. It covers the period from May 2011 through to the end of June 2012. The focus of activity has been on: - The completion of contracts, commencement of governance arrangements and project activities for the three projects funded under Round 1 of the National Quality Dementia Care Network (NQDCN); - The refinement of project proposals relating to Round 2 of the NQDCN, their assessment and selection; and - The ongoing engagement of consumers through the Consumer Dementia Research Network (CDRN), including the third meeting in Brisbane on 2-3 February 2012 and fourth meeting in Sydney on 31 May - 1 June 2012. Our evaluation activities during the period covered by this fourth progress report have primarily concentrated on formative evaluation issues, whereby the results of the evaluation inform the ongoing development and improvement of elements of the overall Initiative. As anticipated, our involvement in program support activities, working directly with the team from Alzheimer's Australia (AA) to assist with implementation issues, has lessened over time.