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S. F. Allingham, PCOC National Report on Outcomes in Palliative Care in Australia January to June 2011 (Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong, 2011).


PCOC aims to assist services to improve the quality of the palliative care they provide through the analysis and benchmarking of patient outcomes. In this, the eleventh PCOC report, data submitted for the January – June 2011 period are summarised and patient outcomes benchmarked to enable participating services to assess their performance and identify areas in which they may improve.

This report is broken into three sections:

Section 1 summarises each of the four benchmark measures and presents national benchmarking results for selected benchmarks

Section 2 presents additional analysis for each of the four benchmark measures

Section 3 provides descriptive analysis of the data items at each of the patient, episode and phase levels

The national figures included in this report reflect the 100 palliative care services who submitted data for the January – June 2011 period. A full list of these services can be found at www.pcoc.org.au