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K. Williams & J. Ciarrochi, "Perceived Parenting Styles and Values Development: A Longitudinal Study of Adolescents and Emerging Adults", Journal of Research on Adolescence 30 2 (2020) 541-558.


© 2019 Society for Research on Adolescence This study explored parenting styles and values internalization. Perceived parenting styles were measured in Grade 7 (n = 749) and Grade 12 (n = 468), and values were measured in Grade 12 (n = 271) and one year postschool (n = 291). We measured three aspects of valuing: priority (extrinsic, intrinsic importance); regulation (controlled, autonomous); and successful enactment of values (success). Mothers’ authoritative parenting in Grade 7 predicted increased importance and autonomous regulation of values one year postschool. Fathers’ authoritative parenting in Grade 7 predicted decreased importance of extrinsic values. Fathers’ permissive parenting in Grade 7 predicted decreased importance of intrinsic values. Authoritarian parenting in Grade 12 predicted more controlled values regulation postschool, particularly for extrinsic values. Parenting in early and late adolescence predicts values internalization in emerging adulthood.



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