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In this brief paper, I identify 'alternative' researchers' apparent indifference to the transformatory needs / wants / desires of accounting students. After expressing my lack of understanding and curiosity about this phenomenon to some said researchers, I received a variety of answers / reasons / excuses. In this paper, I reconstruct some of these, as well as possible subtexts, to tease out my feminist ethical perspective. I believe that this perspective is useful in exposing some of the silences I inconsistencies / contradictions we need to address in accounting education and research. One explanation for accounting researchers' reticence in transferring their critical research skills to their teaching is the superficial adoption of the tenets of critical practice, which in turn, reproduces phallocratic models of moral philosophy. Students are seen as 'generalised others', and 'an ethic of care' necessarily regarding students as fully sensate human beings, as 'concrete others', is silenced. This is consistent with the silencing of emotion exposed by feminist theorists and serves to perpetuate I reproduce patriarchal and phallocentric discourses in the University and accounting education.

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