This article concerns inter-disciplinary research on questions about the socio-economic impact of the adoption and convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with local standards in selected countries. The article approaches the research in two stages. The first stage concerns the findings and analysis relating to the general impact of the IFRS standards on Singapore and Malaysia. Findings reveal that respondents expressed reservations about cited IFRS adoption benefits, including increases of foreign investment and equity cost reductions; and stakeholder confidence has been eroded by the complex harmonising of principles-based ‘fair value’ requirements. Debate continues on the application of IFRS regarding standards on financial instruments, real estate and agriculture. Our qualitative research methodology of survey uses institutional theory and stakeholder theory for analysis.

The second stage posits further research for IAS12 Income Taxes, given accounting standards are one starting point for tax compliance, and that income taxes form part of financial statements. A test questionnaire was prepared and industry respondents were asked questions on the extent of IAS12’s challenges to practitioners in Australia.



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