The objective of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 8) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development is to attain economic prosperity through Decent Work across the member nations of the United Nations. In order to achieve this goal in the next 10 years it is the responsibility of the Governments across the globe to work for its attainment by leveraging through its business houses and corporates at large. The target for decent work for all includes equal opportunities and equal pay for all that leads to economic development. India has already started working on the target by implementing various schemes attached to SDG 8 and to supplement it through organisations across the country that are including these SDG targets into their strategic goals and mission and vision statements up to a large extent.

The current study delves into the role of Multi-National corporations (MNCs) operating out of India in incorporating workforce diversity, equal opportunity and inclusive growth of its employees by providing a decent work environment. The study focuses on 9 MNCs having headquarters in the United States of America and Europe and operating as subsidiaries in Delhi, NCR. The data was collected through secondary sources like websites, HR manuals and Annual reports. The data was qualitatively analysed and presented in the form of small cases for each MNC. These business conglomerates operate through best practices and policies. These practices are disseminated through Human Resource department that acts as a backbone for the MNCs. The study reveals that workforce diversity is prevalent in these MNCs and equal opportunity is also practiced. The implications of the current study are that other private and public enterprises or start-ups can take learning from these MNCs that form a benchmark for implementing workforce diversity in their operations. This will lead to achieving not only business goals but also help in building better economy for the country.



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