The objective of this paper is to examine the impacts of stock market segmentations (SMS) and surplus free cash flow (SFCF) on income-increasing discretionary accruals. The study also provides the initial evidence regarding the influence of audit quality (AQ) as a moderating variable on those relationships. A sample of non-financial firms was taken from the list of Amman Stock Exchange over the period 2013-2019. Using Huber-White’s sandwich estimator for pooled OLS regression, the current research presents empirical evidence harmonious with the prediction in all hypotheses. Further, the findings document that a Big 4 auditor weakens the SMS-DAC and SFCF-DAC associations, which suggests that the role of Big 4 audit firms is effective in mitigating management’s opportunistic behaviour. However, the reported results provide beneficial information to investors, regulators, external auditors, policymakers, shareholders, and other countries with similar institutional environment.



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