The University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. This series follows SMAH Papers: Part A. Related series: Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive); Graduate School of Medicine - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sicences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2018


Acetylcholinesterase-inhibitory activity of Iranian plants: Combined HPLC/bioassay-guided fractionation, molecular networking and docking strategies for the dereplication of active compounds, Mahdi Abbas-Mohammadi, Mahdi Moridi Farimani, Peyman Salehi, Samad Nejad, Ali Sonboli, Celine Kelso, and Danielle Skropeta

An assessment of anthropogenic and climatic stressors on estuaries using a spatio-temporal GIS-modelling approach for sustainability: Towamba estuary, southeastern Australia, Ali Kareem Mohammed Al-Nasrawi, Sarah Hamylton, and Brian G. Jones


Which is more biased: Standardized weather stations or microclimatic sensors?, Michael B. Ashcroft


Discrimination of isobaric and isomeric lipids in complex mixtures by combining ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography with collision and ozone-induced dissociation, Amani M. Batarseh, Sarah K. Abbott, Eva Duchoslav, Ayedh Alqarni, Stephen J. Blanksby, and Todd W. Mitchell


Raman spectroscopy of lipid micro-residues on Middle Palaeolithic stone tools from Denisova Cave, Siberia, Luc Bordes, Richard Fullagar, Linda C. Prinsloo, Elspeth Hayes, Maxim Kozlikin, Michael Shunkov, Anatoly Derevianko, and Richard G. Roberts


Iodine Status Assessment in South African Adults According to Spot Urinary Iodine Concentrations, Prediction Equations, and Measured 24-h Iodine Excretion, Karen E. Charlton, Lisa J. Ware, Jeannine Baumgartner, M Cockeran, Aletta E. Schutte, Nirmala Naidoo, and Paul Kowal


Exploring the future change space for fire weather in southeast Australia, Hamish Clarke and Jason P. Evans

Effects of competition and herbivory over woody seedling growth in a temperate woodland trump the effects of elevated CO2, Luke Collins, Mathias M. Boer, Victor Resco de Dios, S Power, Eli Bendall, S Hasegawa, R Ochoa Hueso, J Piñeiro Nevado, and Ross A. Bradstock


Early antipsychotic treatment in juvenile rats elicits long-term alterations to the adult serotonin receptors, Michael De Santis, Xu-Feng Huang, and Chao Deng

Characteristics of airborne particle number size distributions in a coastal-urban environment, Doreena Dominick, Stephen R. Wilson, Clare Paton-Walsh, Ruhi S. Humphries, Elise-Andree Guerette, Melita Keywood, Dagmar C. Kubistin, and Ben Marwick


Novel thiazolidinone/thiazolo[3,2-a] benzimidazolone-isatin conjugates as apoptotic anti-proliferative agents towards breast cancer: One-pot synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation, Mohamed El-Naggar, Wagdy M. Eldehna, Hadia Almahli, Amr Elgez, Mohamed Fares, Mahmoud Elaasser, and Hatem A. Abdel-Aziz


Combining short-term interval training with caloric restriction improves ß-cell function in obese adults, Monique E. Francois, Nicole Gilbertson, Natalie Eichner, Emily Heiston, Chiara Fabris, Marc Breton, J Mehaffey, Taryn Hassinger, Peter Hallowell, and Steven Malin

Carbohydrate restriction with postmeal walking effectively mitigates postprandial hyperglycemia and improves endothelial function in type 2 diabetes, Monique E. Francois, Etienne Myette-Cote, Tyler Bammert, Cody Durrer, Helena Neudorf, Christopher DeSouza, and Jonathan P. Little

Cardiovascular benefits of combined interval training and post-exercise nutrition in type 2 diabetes, Monique E. Francois, Kevin Pistawka, Frank Halperin, and Jonathan P. Little


The ANSTO - University of Wollongong in-situ 14C extraction laboratory, Reka H. Fulop, David Fink, Bin Yang, Alexandru Tiberiu Codilean, A M. Smith, Lukas Wacker, Vladimir Levchenko, and Tibor J. Dunai

Aboveground carbon sequestration in dry temperate forests varies with climate not fire regime, Chris Gordon, Eli Bendall, Mitchell G. Stares, Luke Collins, and Ross A. Bradstock

High-resolution dynamic illustrations in soil micromorphology: A proposal for presenting and sharing primary research data in publication, Mario Gutierrez-Rodríguez, Maurizio Toscano, and Paul Goldberg

Variation and Likeness in Ambient Artistic Portraiture, Susan Hayes, Nick Rheinberger, Meagan Powley, Tricia Rawnsley, Linda Brown, Malcolm Brown, Karen Butler, Ann Clarke, Stephen Crichton, Maggie Henderson, Helen McCosker, Ann Musgrave, Joyce Wilcock, Darren Williams, Karin Yeaman, T Zaracostas, Adam Taylor, and Gordon G. Wallace

Nutrition-related hospital presentations and admissions among radiotherapy outpatients: a systematic literature review, Emily Hazzard, Karen L. Walton, Anne T. McMahon, Marianna Milosavljevic, and Linda C. Tapsell


Phytochemical studies on the Australian native plant species Acacia pycnantha and Jacaranda mimosifolia D.Don, Rudi Hendra and Paul A. Keller


Junior doctors, burnout and wellbeing Understanding the experience of burnout in general practice registrars and hospital equivalents, Rebekah I. Hoffman and Andrew D. Bonney

Does muscle guarding play a role in range of motion loss in patients with frozen shoulder?, L Hollmann, Mark Halaki, S J. Kamper, Mark D. Haber, and K Ginn

Swash saturation: an assessment of available models, Michael G. Hughes, Tom Baldock, and Troels Aagaard


Effectiveness of a new model of primary care management on knee pain and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis: Protocol for the PARTNER STUDY, David Hunter, Rana Hinman, Jocelyn Bowden, Thorlene Egerton, Andrew M. Briggs, Stephen Bunker, Jessica Kasza, Andrew Forbes, Simon French, Marie Pirotta, Deborah A/Prof Deborah Schofield, Nicholas Arnold Zwar, and Kim Bennell

Considerations to facilitate a US study that replicates PREDIMED, David R. Jacobs Jr, Kristina Petersen, Karianne Svendsen, Emilio Ros, Carol Sloan, Lyn Steffen, Linda C. Tapsell, and Penny Kris-Etherton


Lifestyle risk communication by general practice nurses: An integrative literature review, Sharon James, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, Jane L. Desborough, and Susan McInnes


The Mesozoic and Palaeozoic granitoids of north-western New Guinea, Benjamin M. Jost, Max Webb, and Lloyd T. White

Effect of long-term dietary beta-carotene supplementation on sperm concentration and motility in an endangered amphibian, Leesa Keogh, Phillip G. Byrne, and Aimee J. Silla

Elucidating the Polymeric Binder Distribution within Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes Using SAICAS, Kyuman Kim, Seoungwoo Byun, Jaecheol Choi, Seungbum Hong, Myung-Hyun Ryou, and Yong Lee

Investigating the environmental interpretation of oxygen and carbon isotope data from whole and fragmented bivalve shells, Jack H. Lacey, Melanie J. Leng, E Peckover, J R. Dean, Thomas Wilke, Alexander Francke, X Zhang, Alessia Masi, and Bernd Wagner


The effects of antipsychotics on the density of cannabinoid receptors in selected brain regions of male and female adolescent juvenile rats, Jiamei Lian and Chao Deng

Establishing a chronological framework for a late Quaternary seasonal swamp in the Australian 'Top End', Jan-Hendrik May, Samuel K. Marx, William Reynolds, Laine Clark-Balzan, Geraldine Jacobsen, and Frank Preusser


Problematic eating behaviours, changes in appetite, and weight gain in Major Depressive Disorder: The role of leptin, Jessica Mills, Susan J. Thomas, Theresa A. Larkin, Nagesh B. Pai, and Chao Deng

Longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging changes in early Parkinson's disease: ICICLE-PD study, Thais Minett, Li Su, Elijah Mak, Guy Williams, Michael Firbank, Rachael A. Lawson, Alison Yarnall, Gordon W. Duncan, Adrian Owen, Tien Kheng Khoo, David Brooks, James Rowe, Roger Barker, David J. Burn, and John O'Brien

The sensory origin of the sense of effort is context-dependent, Florian Monjo, Jonathan Shemmell, and Nicolas Forestier

Concentrations of agronomically important nutrient elements in raw sugar produced in Fiji, R John Morrison and J S. Gawander

Disulphide crosslinked star block copolypeptide hydrogels: influence of block sequence order on hydrogel properties, Robert Murphy, Marc in het Panhuis, Sally-Ann Cryan, and Andreas Heise

Degradable 3D-Printed Hydrogels Based on Star-Shaped Copolypeptides, Robert Murphy, David Walsh, Charles Hamilton, Sally-Ann Cryan, Marc in het Panhuis, and Andreas Heise

Quaternary History of the Coorong Coastal Plain, Southern Australia: An Archive of Environmental and Global Sea-Level Changes, Colin V. Murray-Wallace

Micropalaeontological evidence for deglacial marine flooding of the ancient courses of the River Murray across the Lacepede Shelf, southern Australia, Graham Nash, Patrick De Deckker, Caroline Mitchell, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, and Quan Hua


Effect of individualised dietary advice for weight loss supplemented with walnuts on blood pressure: the HealthTrack study, Rhoda Ndanuko, Linda C. Tapsell, Karen E. Charlton, Elizabeth Neale, and Marijka Batterham

Evolutionary ecology of telomeres: a review, Mats M. Olsson, Erik Dr Erik Wapstra, and Christopher R. Friesen

Spatial variation of above-ground carbon storage in temperate coastal wetlands, Christopher Owers, Kerrylee Rogers, and Colin D. Woodroffe


The Clinical Assessment of Impulsivity, Nagesh B. Pai, Shae-Leigh C. Vella, and Kerry Dawes


Preventing chronic disease in patients with low health literacy using eHealth and teamwork in primary healthcare: protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial, Sharon M. Parker, Nigel P. Stocks, Don Nutbeam, Louise Thomas, Elizabeth Denney-Wilson, Nicholas Arnold Zwar, Jonathon Karnon, Jane Lloyd, Manny Noakes, Siaw-teng Liaw, Annie Lau, Richard Osborne, and Mark Fort Harris

Australian general practitioner attitudes to residential aged care facility visiting, Russell W. Pearson, Judy Mullan, Eniko Ujvary, Andrew D. Bonney, and Bridget R. Dijkmans-Hadley


Origin of high density seabed pockmark fields and their use in inferring bottom currents, Kim Picard, Lynda C. Radke, David Williams, William A. Nicholas, P Justy Siwabessy, Floyd Howard, Joana Gafeira, Rachel Przeslawski, Zhi Huang, and Scott L. Nichol

A short note on heavy cunjevoi growth observed on commercial scallops (Pecten fumatus), Rachel Przeslawski


The cost of asthma medicines, Helen K. Reddel, Kirsty Lembke, and Nicholas Arnold Zwar


Accounting for habitat structural complexity improves the assessment of performance in no-take marine reserves, Matthew Rees, Nathan A. Knott, Joseph M. Neilson, Michelle Linklater, Ian Osterloh, Alan Jordan, and Andrew R. Davis


Fifty years ago, at Lake Mungo, the true scale of Aboriginal Australians' epic story was revealed, Richard G. Roberts, Lynette Russell, and Michael I. Bird


Hormone-induced spawning of the critically endangered northern corroboree frog Pseudophryne pengilleyi, Aimee J. Silla, Michael McFadden, and Phillip G. Byrne


Can the work ability model provide a useful explanatory framework to understand sustainable employability amongst general practitioners: A qualitative study, Jasmin Smyth, Sabrina Pit, and Vibeke Hansen


The Bionic Bra: Using electromaterials to sense and modify breast support to enhance active living, Julie R. Steele, Sheridan A. Gho, Toni E. Campbell, Christopher Richardson, Stephen T. Beirne, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Gordon G. Wallace


Nucleo-cytoplasmic transport of TDP-43 studied in real time: impaired microglia function leads to axonal spreading of TDP-43 in degenerating motor neurons, Adam Svahn, Emily Don, Andrew Badrock, Nicholas Cole, Manuel B. Graeber, Justin J. Yerbury, Roger Chung, and Marco Morsch


Standard setting in Australian medical schools, Helena Ward, Neville G. Chiavaroli, James A. Fraser, Kylie J. Mansfield, Darren Starmer, Laura Surmon, Martin Veysey, and Deborah A. O'Mara

Response of the Great Barrier Reef to sea-level and environmental changes over the past 30,000 years, Jody M. Webster, Juan C. Braga, Marc Humblet, Donald C. Potts, Yasufumi Iryu, Yusuke Yokoyama, Kazuhiko Fujita, Raphael Bourillot, Tezer M. Esat, Stewart Fallon, William G. Thompson, Alexander L. Thomas, Hironbu Kan, Helen V. McGregor, Gustavo Hinestrosa, Stephen P. Obrochta, and Bryan C. Lougheed

Rational Design of a 310-Helical PIP-Box Mimetic Targeting PCNA, the Human Sliding Clamp, Kate L. Wegener, Amy E. McGrath, Nicholas E. Dixon, Aaron J. Oakley, Denis Scanlon, Andrew Abell, and John Bruning


Disrupted sphingolipid metabolism following acute clozapine and olanzapine administration, Katrina Weston-Green, Ilijana Babic, Michael De Santis, Bo Pan, Magdalene K. Montgomery, Todd W. Mitchell, Xu-Feng Huang, and Jessica R. Nealon

Efficacy and adverse effects of buprenorphine in acute pain management: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, Leigh D. White, Anthony Hodge, Ruan Vlok, Glenn Hurtado, K Eastern, and Thomas M. Melhuish


Patriarchs on pedestals? How doctors are taught to improve their bedside manner, Mark A. Wilson

Understanding Australian medical student attitudes towards older people, Mark R. Wilson, Susan Kurrle, and Ian G. Wilson


Relationships between mature trees and fire fuel hazard in Australian forest, Nicholas Wilson, Geoff Cary, and Philip Gibbons

Block versus longitudinal integrated clerkships: Students' views of rural clinical supervision, Martin Witney, Vivian Isaac, Denese Playford, Leesa Walker, David L. Garne, and Lucie K. Walters

Mangrove response to sea level rise: Palaeoecological insights from macrotidal systems in northern Australia, Colin D. Woodroffe


Carbon dioxide retrieval from OCO-2 satellite observations using the RemoTeC algorithm and validation with TCCON measurements, Lianghai Wu, Otto Hasekamp, Haili Hu, Jochen Landgraf, Andre Butz, Joost aan de Brugh, Ilse Aben, David F. Pollard, David W. T Griffith, Dietrich G. Feist, Dmitry Koshelev, Frank Hase, Geoffrey Toon, Hirofumi Ohyama, Isamu Morino, Justus Notholt, Kei Shiomi, Laura T. Iraci, Matthias Schneider, Martine de Maziere, Ralf Sussmann, Rigel Kivi, Thorsten Warneke, Tae-Young Goo, and Yao Te

Papers from 2017

Stratigraphy, age and correlation of Lepue Tephra: a widespread c. 11 000 cal a BP marker horizon sourced from the Chaiten Sector of southern Chile, Brent V. Alloway, Patricio Moreno, Nick J. G Pearce, Ricardo De Pol-Holzg, William Henriquez, Oscar Pesce, Eduardo Sagredo, Gustavo Villarosa, and Valeria Outes

Organism-substrate interactions and astrobiology: Potential, models and methods, Andrea Baucon, Carlos Neto de Carvalho, Roberto Barbieri, Federico Bernardini, Barbara Cavalazzi, Antonio Celani, Fabrizio Felletti, Annalisa Ferretti, Hans Peter Schonlaub, Antonio Todaro, and Claudio Tuniz

Filling the 'white ribbon' in temperate Australia: A multi-approach method to map the terrestrial-marine interface, Rafael Cabral Carvalho, Sarah Hamylton, and Colin D. Woodroffe

Measuring the anaesthesia clinical learning environment at the department level is feasible and reliable, Damian J. Castanelli and Natalie A. Smith


Postoperative troponin measurement as a screening tool for adverse cardiac events in adult patients undergoing moderate or major non-cardiac surgery, D Coric and Natalie A. Smith

Acute high-intensity interval exercise reduces human monocyte Toll-like receptor 2 expression in type 2 diabetes, Cody Durrer, Monique E. Francois, Helena Neudorf, and Jonathan P. Little


Linear and nonlinear effects of temperature and precipitation on ecosystem properties in tidal saline wetlands, Laura Feher, Michael Osland, Kereen Griffith, James Grace, Rebecca Howard, Camille Stagg, Nicholas Enwright, Ken W. Krauss, Christopher Gabler, Richard Day, and Kerrylee Rogers


Combined interval training and post-exercise nutrition in type 2 diabetes: A randomized control trial, Monique E. Francois, Cody Durrer, Kevin Pistawka, Frank Halperin, Courtney Chang, and Jonathan P. Little


Carbohydrate-Restriction with High-Intensity Interval Training: An Optimal Combination for Treating Metabolic Diseases?, Monique E. Francois, Jenna B. Gillen, and Jonathan P. Little

Similar metabolic response to lower- versus upper-body interval exercise or endurance exercise, Monique E. Francois, Matthew Graham, Evelyn Parr, Nancy Rehrer, Samuel Lucas, Stasinos Stavrianeas, and Jim D. Cotter

The impact of acute high-intensity interval exercise on biomarkers of cardiovascular health in type 2 diabetes, Monique E. Francois and Jonathan P. Little

Mary Barkas at the Maudsley: 1923-1927, Robert M. Kaplan

Data collection procedures for football injuries in lower leagues: Is there a need for an updated consensus statement?, Robert Mccunn, John Andrew Sampson, Matthew Whalan, and Tim Meyer

The identification of combat survivability tasks associated with naval vessel damage in maritime environments, Kane J. Middleton and Amelia J. Carr

The cold climate geomorphology of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg: A reevaluation of past climatic conditions during the last glacial cycle in Southern Africa, Stephanie C. Mills, Timothy T. Barrows, Matt W. Telfer, and Keith Fifield


The effect of nut consumption on markers of inflammation and endothelial function: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, Elizabeth Neale, Linda C. Tapsell, Vivienne Guan, and Marijka Batterham

Last Glacial pollen-climate reconstructions from Northland, New Zealand, Rewi M. Newnham, Brent V. Alloway, K A. Holt, K Butler, Andrew Rees, Janet M. Wilmshurst, Gavin B. Dunbar, and I Hajdas

Microencapsulated krill and tuna oil blend raises plasma long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels compared to tuna oil with similar increases in ileal contractility in rats, Glen S. Patten, Luz Sanguansri, Mary Ann Augustin, Mahinda Y. Abeywardena, Anthony R. Bird, Craig S. Patch, and Damien Belobrajdic


Ecosystem service delivery in Karst landscapes: anthropogenic perturbation and recovery, Timothy Quine, Dali Guo, Sophie Green, Chenglong Tu, Iain Hartley, Xinyu Zhang, Jennifer Dungait, Xuefa Wen, Zhaoliang Song, Hongyan Liu, Heather L. Buss, Timothy T. Barrows, Richard Evershed, Penny Johnes, and Jeroen Meersmans

Stratigraphy, age and correlation of two widespread Late Holocene tephras preserved within Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea, Larissa Schneider, Brent V. Alloway, Russell J. Blong, Geoffrey Hope, Stewart Fallon, Colin Pain, William A. Maher, and Simon G. Haberle

Food insecurity partially mediates associations between social disadvantage and body composition among older adults in india: Results from the study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE), Joshua Schrock, Heather McClure, J Snodgrass, Melissa Liebert, Karen E. Charlton, Perianayagam Arokiasamy, Nirmala Naidoo, and Paul Kowal

Using 36Cl exposure dating to date mass movement and assess land stability on the Nicholas Range, Tasmania, A J. Slee, P D. McIntosh, and Timothy T. Barrows

Cosmogenic exposure dating constraints for coastal landslide evolution on the Island of Malta (Mediterranean Sea), Mauro Soldati, Timothy T. Barrows, Mariacristina Prampolini, and Keith Fifield


Ertapenem in outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy for complicated urinary tract infections, Mohamad-Ali Trad, Lihua H. Zhong, Ryan M. Llorin, Shire Y. Tan, Monica Chan, Sophia Archuleta, Zuraidah Sulaiman, Vincent H. Tam, David C. Lye, and D A. Fisher


Radiofrequency ablation of the lateral palatal space for snoring, B T. Woodson, Kent S. Tadokoro, and Stuart MacKay

Hydrological changes in Shuangchi Lake, Hainan Island, tropical China, during the Little Ice Age, Wenchao Zhang, Hong Yan, Chengcheng Liu, Peng Cheng, Jianyong Li, Fengyan Lu, Xiaolin Ma, John R. Dodson, Henk Heijnis, Weijian Zhou, and Zhisheng An

Papers from 2016

Resistance-based interval exercise acutely improves endothelial function in type 2 diabetes, Monique E. Francois, Cody Durrer, Kevin Pistawka, Frank Halperin, and Jonathan P. Little

Taking the heat out of exercise to improve vascular health, Monique E. Francois and Kate Thomas

Low-volume intense exercise elicits post-exercise hypotension and subsequent hypervolemia, irrespective of which limbs are exercised, Matthew Graham, Samuel Lucas, Monique E. Francois, Stasinos Stavrianeas, Evelyn Parr, Kate Thomas, and Jim D. Cotter

Retinoschisin at 4 Å Resolution from cryo-EM: A Junctional Model of Back-to-Back Octamers for Adhesion in the Retina, Gökhan Tolun, Camasamudram Vijayasarathy, Rick Huang, Yong Zeng, Yan Li, Paul Sieving, J. Bernard Heymann, and Alasdair Steven

Paired octamer rings of retinoschisin suggest a junctional model for cell-cell adhesion in the retina, Gökhan Tolun, Camasamudram Vijayasarathy, Rick Huang, Yong Zeng, Yan Li, Alasdair Steven, Paul Sieving, and J. Bernard Heymann

Papers from 2015

Effectiveness and safety of high-intensity interval training in patients with type 2 diabetes, Monique E. Francois and Jonathan P. Little

Causal links between Nile floods and eastern Mediterranean sapropel formation during the past 125 kyr confirmed by OSL and radiocarbon dating of Blue and White Nile sediments, Martin AJ Williams, Geoffrey A.T Duller, Frances Williams, Jamie Woodward, Mark G. Macklin, O A.M El Tom, R N. Munro, Y El Hajaz, and Timothy T. Barrows

Papers from 2014

A White Nile megalake during the last interglacial period, Timothy T. Barrows, Martin AJ Williams, Stephanie C. Mills, Geoffrey A.T Duller, L Keith Fifield, David Haberlah, Stephen Tims, and Frances Williams